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I'm a technologist who loves virtualization, datacenter design, networking, security, business processes, economics; and trying to get them to ALL get along!

Typical Day: VMware Admin #01

A few months ago, someone asked me what I did – that is to say, what sort of work encompasses a “typical day” for me as a long-term, on-site consultant.  In response, I noted everything I did into a notepad++ file to actually see for myself (because it’s very easy to get lost in the work to pay attention to each little thing).  So here’s the result: a typical workday for Mr. Non-Descript (sanitized to protect the innocent!).  If there’s enough interest in this type of post, I may do it more often (comments are always welcome!).

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VMware Analyst Job Interview Technical Questions

I’m currently going through the interview process for a VMware Architect position at a large company. Last week’s initial interview with the manager went extremely well and a technical interview was quickly scheduled the for this week (tomorrow to be precise). In preparation, I wracked my brain to try and guess what type of questions I would ask a prospective candidate for such an interview (for both a technical admin role and architect role).   Continue reading VMware Analyst Job Interview Technical Questions

My VCAP5-DCA Experience

For the TLDR crowd:

  • If you’re a real admin and love virtualization, take the test – you’ll have an insane amount of fun!
  • Is it a difficult test?  In the words of my friend Gopi, “It’s easy if you know everything.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • Accept the fact you’ll not have enough time to finish and embrace the work.
  • If you have a chance to use the VMware Test Track, DO IT!
  • Get that piece of paper!
  • Oh, and Joshua Andrews is really a nice guy.

Preface / the story to begin the journey

Cert Clipart

I love going to VMUGs – they’re a great way to hear some product developments, see some tech in the expo, and meet new people.  When my colleague Gopi and I went to the #IndyVMUG last year, we figured it would be much of the same… and we weren’t disappointed.  They threw one heck of a VMUG indeed – good food, awesome presenters, and a very professional atmosphere.  We moved from session to session and then I saw a sign in the hallway:  “Test Track.”

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Compliance vs Security

In my recent dive into Payment Card Industry (PCI) security, I’ve come across several sites that are equating “compliance” to “security.”  One very knowledgeable person in the field has posted an article basically stating they’re one and the same.  However, I take a much difference view between the two. Continue reading Compliance vs Security