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Typical Day: VMware Admin #01

A few months ago, someone asked me what I did – that is to say, what sort of work encompasses a “typical day” for me as a long-term, on-site consultant.  In response, I noted everything I did into a notepad++ file to actually see for myself (because it’s very easy to get lost in the work to pay attention to each little thing).  So here’s the result: a typical workday for Mr. Non-Descript (sanitized to protect the innocent!).  If there’s enough interest in this type of post, I may do it more often (comments are always welcome!).

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VMware Analyst Job Interview Technical Questions

I’m currently going through the interview process for a VMware Architect position at a large company. Last week’s initial interview with the manager went extremely well and a technical interview was quickly scheduled the for this week (tomorrow to be precise). In preparation, I wracked my brain to try and guess what type of questions I would ask a prospective candidate for such an interview (for both a technical admin role and architect role).   Continue reading VMware Analyst Job Interview Technical Questions

My VCAP5-DCA Experience

For the TLDR crowd:

  • If you’re a real admin and love virtualization, take the test – you’ll have an insane amount of fun!
  • Is it a difficult test?  In the words of my friend Gopi, “It’s easy if you know everything.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • Accept the fact you’ll not have enough time to finish and embrace the work.
  • If you have a chance to use the VMware Test Track, DO IT!
  • Get that piece of paper!
  • Oh, and Joshua Andrews is really a nice guy.

Preface / the story to begin the journey

Cert Clipart

I love going to VMUGs – they’re a great way to hear some product developments, see some tech in the expo, and meet new people.  When my colleague Gopi and I went to the #IndyVMUG last year, we figured it would be much of the same… and we weren’t disappointed.  They threw one heck of a VMUG indeed – good food, awesome presenters, and a very professional atmosphere.  We moved from session to session and then I saw a sign in the hallway:  “Test Track.”

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