About Me

Work Stuff

I was a senior IT consultant with over 20 years experience in high-end Information Systems.  Currently, I am employed full-time at a Fortune 50 company in Illinois performing design, architecture, and support of their technical platforms.  My areas of focus include data networking, server systems, virtualization/containers, security (most realms), and training.

Personal Stuff

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with two children and two dogs.  Since purchasing a home in late 2010, my free time has been reduced quite a bit.  However, I still spend time in my test network learning new technologies and helping others.  My hobbies include working with electronics, robotics, and microcontroller projects and recently reentered the hobby of woodworking.  Any remaining time is spent trying to play guitar and keyboard (even dabbling in some music composition), riding my bicycle, and hiking.

Goal of This Site

I’m hoping to use this site to document some things I’m working on – and perhaps help others with documenting some of the tips and tricks I’ve come across (we’ll see how consistently i can provide updates while working 40 to 60+ hrs a week).

Contact me:

E-mail via this website (the site protects my e-mail)

Twitter @NetNut


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